The Bird Clutch

Project 7 (the first project in Level 2) is to make an Envelope Clutch. FYI, the project number is continuous throughout the 4 levels of the program at the Amblard Leather Atelier. 

In this project I learn how to do a gusset for the first time, reinforcing the concept of the two-point symmetry. I design the flap: The bird head and the beak with the snap button as the eye. Only after the project is done do I realize that I have created two birds in essence: The one when it is closed (the purple bird) and the one when it is open (the red bird.)


There are two challenges I face in this project: Stitching through four layers of leather with only half of them pricked. If you look closely, the stitching on the gusset looks horrible, marking the first time ever that my back stitching is not perfect. But I am confident that with time and training, I will improve.

The other challenge is pricking and stitching the beak area. Yet it is one more building block toward making the eventual goal of mine: A tote bag!🧵