The Flag Bag

Project 14 of Amblard Leather Atelier is a machine-stitched bag. Throughout the four levels of intensive Leather program, this bag is the only machine-stitched project. All others have been hand-sewn, saddle-stitched projects. Nevertheless it is all new to me, because until now, I have never used a sewing machine before, not even to make a handkerchief. . For this project, I have decided to make The Flag Bag (or, "When-You-Can’t-Decide-Which-Country-You-Adore-Best" Bag.)

The inspiration comes from seeing certain colors of leather that I see as potential combination for vintage French and Italian flags. Rather than doing an all French or an all Italian flag bag, I combine the two; so that when I go out with my Francophile friends, I will show off the French🇫🇷side; and the Italophiles get the Italian🇮🇹side.

Despite the presence of the industrial sewing machine, making a pattern, planning, and preparation, as well as endless cutting and consideration are still the norm. Doing banding (on the bag’s top rim) and piping (at the bottom rim) are thrilling, especially when cutting the excess band by hand using only a tiny opening of a scissor. 

The French Flag BagThe Italian Flag Bag

Sooo, which side of the bag will you be sporting? 🇫🇷 or 🇮🇹 ?