The Suspenders Tote Bag

This is a fantasy come true, the raison-d’être of my pursuing this leather work, finally coming in the form of Project 10 (Level 3) of Amblard Leather Atelier: The Structured Tote Bag. The design is an impromptu: When looking at the straps, I think of treating them as a gentleman’s suspenders. Thus, the bag consists of a shirt, a pair of pants, and a pair of suspenders. (The originally planned bow tie is scrapped due to issues of proportion.) Yellow buttons are added as stitched-on appliqués. The navy blue of the pants are actually an outside pocket with red interior lining. Inside the bag itself is also a surprise lollipop-red interior lining, juxtaposed against the antique white and navy blue of the exterior leathers. 🧵

Because I want the bag to be a shoulder bag, the straps have to be extra long. And goodness, doing those 2 long straps at 40” each essentially would be the same as doing belts. I best lose a lot of weight before making my own belt, because I certainly am not going to make such looong straps for myself!