The Peek-a-Mini Wallet

Peek-a-Mini wallet was born at the onset of the first Covid-19 major lockdown in March 2020. The lockdown interrupted Level 2 of an intensive 12-week, 4-level training; but, with basic techniques from Level 1 still fresh in mind, I sought as many tools and supplies as I could to start something. Anything.

The first idea that came naturally was a card wallet, because it was something that I could and would use. Furthermore, with limited skills, this was something that was doable.

With businesses slowly changing to adapt to this new pandemic, more and more merchants were moving to contactless payment. Smartphone wallet and smart-watch pay system have become useful, as they minimized contact between vendors and customers. As a result, there was less need for anyone to carry multiple cards and cash.

I designed the wallet to have two compartments: One for cards, complete with a peekaboo window to facilitate removing the frontmost card out of the wallet; and the other was for folded bills/paper money. 


Of paramount importance were simplicity in design, economy in leather use, skillful in execution, and elegant to the touch. The wallet was lined and stitched using the reverse-saddle stitch technique. It was finished within less than a full-day's work. This wallet became the first in our Minimalist Wallet Collection at Ramón Kadi® 

I immediately used it as my only wallet (after all, it was designed for that reason.) I am glad to report that after one year of daily usage, the stitching is still in place, holding the leather beautifully. Some patina has developed, but that was to be expected with leather in time  

Once the lockdown subsided, and companies were able to operate to more capacity, I was able to get leather with different finish and colors and beautiful threads, and to create new ones with different color combinations and contrasting stitches, all of which are now available here at the Ramón Kadi® online shop.


Originally named Peekaboo Minimus Wallet, I decided to modify it, because the Italian fashion house Fendi already had a series of bags called the Peek-a-boo. I still keep the “Peek-a” part to let the customers know there is that element of limited display or disclosure in the form of the cutout at the front of the wallet (to see what is inside, but also to make it easier for the user to slide the front card up.) “Minimus” is shortened to Mini, which is used to convey the minimalist approach to this accessory item.